Things to Do with All the Hotel Toiletries You’ve Collected

Are you a frequent traveler? Do you spend more time in hotels than you do your own home? If so, you undoubtedly have amassed a collection of hotel soaps and amenity collections. It’s part of the experience!

What can you do with all of those hotel amenity goodies when you have way too many? Here are a few ideas we’ve come up with.

  1. Use them – using the products you’ve collected on your travels means not having to buy soap, shampoo, conditioner and moisturizing lotions can save you money, and more importantly, time that can be spent relaxing while not on the road.
  2. Stock your guest bathrooms – Your guests will be thankful for the great smelling and fresh hand soap, bath gel, moisturizing lotions and shampoos.
  3. Donate them – Another wonderful option is to donate them! Women’s and homeless shelters in your city will accept your collected and unused hotel amenities. Contact your local shelter. You can also consider sending your collected hotel amenities to the troops along with other items in care packages. Contact your local USO for more information.
  4. Take them on your travels – Pack them in your luggage when you visit family and friends during the upcoming holidays and anytime you visit your family. This will leave more room for new items you accrue during your visit.
  5. Display them – Finally, most amenity items come in wonderfully designed packaging. Display them in a glass jar to let the design of the packaging show through.

We’re sure there are many other ways to make use of the hotel amenities you have collected. These are but a few. What are some the creative ways you have put your collection of hotel amenities to use?


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