Happy 4th of July from Transmacro Amenities! imageThere is a way to give your July 4th a secret level of happiness that will have others wondering why and works because of something we have all done, if we are honest with ourselves.

It all starts in your bathroom. Yes your bathroom. Everyone assumes that the kitchen or at the very least the Barbeque is where the heart of July 4th is. Though the food that is such a vital part of any celebration may come from the kitchen and may be cooked on the barbeque this is about being together and sharing, but part of any celebration is about self and if that self is not happy others may sense that.

The real happiness and joy of July 4th begins and ends in your bathroom. While the day can be full of laughter, plenty of food, lots of smiles and even some reminiscing, the day does have its level of stress. Family can be stressful, cooking all the food can be stressful, and when the weather turns the barbeque can be stressful.

No one can remove the stress of your family or the stress of cooking for many hungry mouths or the stress of the weather changing ruining your barbecue but you can get yourself into a position where you can cope and then calm down after the fact and it is something we can all do.

It starts in a way that every day starts and ends in a way every day ends but it just needs a little extra. It starts in your bathroom; it starts with the shower and the gentle, warm water flowing over your body. Then you open the shower gel or the shampoo, but not just any shampoo or shower gel it’s the Transmacro Amenities products you brought home from your hotel room on your last vacation or business trip. The small bottle or sachet brings a smile to your face, it’s not your normal shampoo, and it is something special and has its own unique and very refreshing fragrance. You know how the product ended up with you and begin to laugh, inside you feel happy and a memory tickles you inside and the shower gel or shampoo is your little secret.

For the rest of the day you will chuckle to yourself about the small bottle of bubbles you showered with and you will have a secret reason for that bounce in your step. Yes the family will be there, yes they will be hungry, and yes the weather may turn nasty, but because of you started your day with one of Transmacro Amenities soaps and shampoos, you will truly enjoy your holiday.

As you soak, a smile will appear on your face and you will be happy and the stress of July the 4th will soak away as the fireworks light up the sky outside as you look out of your bathroom window. Two small bottles with a fresh fragrance add your own level of joy to your very special July 4th!

Happy Independence Day!