Tubes! A new affordable packaging option

New Edition Tubes

Picture of our products in tube packaging

Guests will normally rate a hotel based on the services that are offered as well as quality of products that are available. Providing the best food, drinks and friendly service all add up towards customer satisfaction but when this is not accompanied with quality hotel amenities, customers will leave the hotel unsatisfied, risking a loss of repeat business as well as positive recommendations which would have been made by the guests. It is more important than ever to provide both high quality and economically sound products.

We are excited to announce a new packaging option to our already highly acclaimed product line. Tubes! We now offer our product line in an economic and aesthetically pleasing tube!

Transmacro Amenities provides the same high quality product that our customers have come to expect. Our products are also safe for users as well as to the environment.

The new edition tubes are easy to use, giving the customer a smooth experience while bathing and applying body lotions. Using hotel amenities will never be the same again, customers are now guaranteed a smooth flow of lotions and gels. There will be no more incidences of using extra energy to reach the contents of the tube.

Increase your hotel rating by providing your customers with an experience they will never forget, making their quiet moments memorable by providing hotel amenities packaged in easy to squeeze new edition tubes.



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