Distribution TruckHow Important are Distributor – Customer Relationships?

Businesses, big or small rely on a number of factors to keep them going. Aside from a strong market for their products or services, they rely on good relationships with their distributors because let’s face it, without distributors providing raw materials and products, there would be no business to start with.

In the lodging and institutional industry where every detail is very important, having an amazing working relationship with your distributor is very important. You need a distributor who will provide high quality and reliable products, competent customer service and timely service. All of  which contribute to your business’ success. In turn, you support distributors that don’t just give you what you want but who would go above and beyond what you need and makes sure that every detail counts.

And of course, experience counts in being a distributor. You should look for a distributor that has strong experience in your industry and has command of marketing and distribution of its products. A good distributor-customer relationship is established through these factors which are consistent for all industries anywhere.

The Transmacro Amenities Commitment

Transmacro Amenities has kept its guarantee of providing only the best quality products for its customers. Distributing small-size lodging bar soaps and amenity-size liquids such a shampoos, conditioners and lotions, we have established strong business relations with hospitality, janitorial and institutions in North America.

We are one of the most experienced amenity providers with more than 15 years in the industry. Transmacro Amenities is behind widely successful hotels, lodging and hospitality institutions and continues to be one of the most in-demand. Programs such as White Marble, Beach Mist, Good Day, Hotello, Restore and Pure and Natural are just some of our most popular.

As you can see, it takes more than products for distributors to make good and lasting relationships with their customers. It also calls for commitment to quality, passion for service and excellent customer service. When all these are met, good distributor- customer relationships are just a few steps away.

Transmacro Amenities Stands Out

There are a large number of small size lodging bar soaps and personal care products for hospitality and institutional companies in North America but only Transmacro Amenities truly understands what customers need.

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