purenatural_headerCompetition in the travel industry shows no sign of slowing down in 2016. One of the top factors that influence a traveler’s decision on a hotel for their stay is the quality of the amenities that are provided. Quality is an important factor in a guest’s decision no matter their budget.

In the travel industry the competition is very intense. Travelers decide which hotels to make reservations with based on many different factors. One of the top factors in that decision are what amenities are offered. Travelers look for quality no matter the price point of their accommodations.

The quality of the amenities offered to guests is perhaps one of the best ways to leave a lasting and positive impression on guests. Transmacro Amenities offers products from the acclaimed Dial amenity collections “White Marble”, “Restore” as well as our other popular stock label lines.

If you are new to the industry, you may have questions regarding where you should purchase guest amenities. Transmacro Amenities has a long list of distributors all over the country that we work with to provide high quality hotel amenities.

When you visit your distributor for quality hotel amenities, be sure to ask them about Transmacro Amenities and our extensive options for products.