familyWe all need time away from work; we all need to recharge our batteries. Spring Break is perhaps the first real chance in a new year to do this. We have all taken a few days off work through December and early January to fit time in for the holiday season, but that time is usually less than relaxing. Spring Break is a time to finally relax and do what you want, either alone, with your husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend or the family.

The weather is warmer, the skies are a little bluer and life is good as flowers bloom and new life is born. It’s that time of year where you feel as if you deserve a little break, nothing hectic just a break. It’s that time where you need a breather from the last few months of work and yet you know you still have a long year ahead. You need to recharge the batteries a little and store up some reserve energy before your longer summer vacation and the rest of the year ahead.

A spring break is something everyone needs. It’s that time where email can go unanswered, the phone can be switched off and you can do what you can just relax. You don’t have to rush around hastily making breakfast and spilling coffee down your pants as you rush out the door, you can just slow down and relax.

Your day starts either at home or a guest house or hotel with a refreshing shower, you smile as the sunshine streams through the bathroom window and the light makes you feel alive. For some reason you want to stay in the shower longer, the soap smells better and life just feels better as your singing no doubt demonstrates. The day ahead, whether you choose to spend it being active or just relaxing holds no worries or stress whatsoever.

Your day is so much better as you start it in a happier space. The Spring Break feeling kicks in the moment you jump in the shower knowing full well that there are others slaving away at their desk, yes you feel awesome and you chuckle to yourself feeling blessed.

Everything about your spring break is meant to be happy, fun and relaxing. Whether simply sitting on the balcony looking over a cityscape with a good book watching the world race by with its sirens wailing, horns beeping and engines revving or if you are sitting on a beach in the sun you are relaxed. If you are out there being active you feel free, there is no running or riding back in a rush to get to the office and back to work, your freedom is felt and it feels great.

You spend the day doing what you want and what you love doing. You share the day with friends you enjoy, you laugh more and accept that life could not be better. The day ends with an amazing sunset followed by a final refreshing shower. You relax and you look at the little bottle you just used to shower or bath with, hold it to your nose and smell the fragrance and smile, the fragrance arouses the senses and reminds you that you are on a small holiday… this is your Spring Break.