Valentine's Day Bath Photo
At the heart of love is friendship. Love is something we associate with romance and roses, and with Valentine’s Day each year surely these friendships should at least be celebrated because at the very epicenter true love is found in true friendship. Valentine’s Day is all about romance today, it’s been made that day and has become a commercial holiday with more than one meaning. Yes, there is a degree of meaning but love should not be, cannot be something a price or cost is placed up and this is equally true for friendship.

On Valentine’s Day you don’t have to be totally head over heels in love and you really don’t need to feel bullied into buying something for a loved one. In the middle of love and romance there is not only that physical attraction there has to be friendship. Many happily married couples say that the reason they are so happy is that above all they have an amazing friendship with their partner. It’s the friendship and the little things that make things special, it’s not the diamond rings or the fancy gifts but those little things that say something no words can describe. Valentine’s Day is a day where you can let a simple thing show so much value and it will be so much more appreciated.

What are you doing on Valentine’s Day this year?

Are you planning a romantic day out, a candlelight dinner for two with roses and champagne or are you planning to propose?

Have you ever truly thought about what would make your Valentine, your partner and your friend happy?
Do you have to buy roses and chocolates?

Do you have to spend money on a special valentine’s meal that is the same as any other night but now just more expensive?

Why is it that you do what you are doing on this one day and not on any other day? These are questions that can only be answered from the heart.

Perhaps the simplest thing you can do for a loved one is run a bath with all the trimmings. At the end of a long day, your loved one will be as tired and irritable as you. Turn your own tiredness around and arrive home early, and run your loved one a bath. Even if you are planning on going out for dinner this bath with its perfumed soap and fragrant bubbles will set the scene for the rest of the evening. Bathing is one of the most relaxing things a person can do, and if your bath has been prepared with love by someone special it is the most wonderful of gifts that can be given or received.

That bath, those fragrances, makes things special. If you have never done this you will be put on a pedestal and held in a place so deep inside your loved one’s heart that your Valentine’s Day will be one that is never forgotten. But it doesn’t only have to be on Valentine’s Day, the welcome surprise bath with all the trimmings every now and then will relax your partner and when things are relaxed life is good and the relationship flourishes.

So this Valentine’s Day, before you spend money on expensive things consider the value and consider the love you can give in a tub full of bubbles and steam full of fragrance. Do it, and when your partner is soaking you sit can sit back and smile knowing you have done well.

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