Happy Holidays!

There is a bit of magic at this time of year. Christmas is in the air and shouts of “happy Hanukkah” can be heard across the city. It’s special and as Bon Jovi sang “I wish every day could be like Christmas”

It’s not a lot to ask for; people being cheerful, happy and putting worries behind them. We wish it could be the same all year round, and in truth it can be. The phrase “in the Christmas spirit” says so much, and whilst we do tend to save things up for the end of the year it’s not really that difficult to have that feeling every day of the year.

Imagine waking up each day and showering in a fragrance that creates the feeling of Christmas or the happiness of Hanukkah. It’s not difficult for something as simple as a fragrance to lift your spirit up, a spicy freshness that tingles all over your body and penetrates deep inside to warm your heart. If you could switch on the shower and wash yourself each day with that special feeling you have right now, just imagine how different your world and your life would be.

It’s not impossible for a simple scent to trigger the same emotions of this time of year in the middle of June. As humans certain smells, sounds and tastes evoke certain memories and stimulate our emotions and thinking. So why do we reserve certain special senses just for the end of the year? Why don’t we use them all year?

A simple thing such as your shower in the morning can change the way you experience life. You want to wake up happy, energized and positive, expecting only the best and not being afraid to face the world. Your shower and perhaps your coffee are the two things where your senses are taken to a happy place every day and if they are not they should be because you deserve it.

Now imagine taking your Hanukkah happiness and Christmas cheer and bottling it as shower soap. Every morning you would wake up and shower yourself in happiness and good will towards man. You could even bottle it and give it to friends who just seem grumpy or replace the work washroom soap with your magically scented soap. You could change the world.

The crazy thing is that what is being suggested isn’t that farfetched. Sharing the spirit of Christmas all year round is entirely possible and it doesn’t necessarily need a Christmas pudding scented soap to do so. The key is simply to have more of what makes you feel good and happy, whether that be lavender or lily, honeysuckle or lime it makes no difference, the key is that it makes you happy. Once you are happy you are just like a common cold, every time you breathe you sprinkle your happiness on others. Happiness, confidence and a positive frame of mind is contagious and addictive and you can spread it if you have it.

Every year at this time of year toiletries are given as gifts, if people ask you what they can get you as a gift ask them for some happy bathroom stuff, a smell that gets you going, a smell that triggers happiness and you can begin to use it every day and you will be happier every day. Use your sense of smell to improve your life by simply creating a happier you.

The Christmas Spirit and the Happy Hanukkah are created by sharing happiness, they come with a special feeling that can be recreated every day and all you have to do is make it happen. Your senses play a huge part in your feelings and others at this time of the year, so why not embrace them every day by not just reserving the smells, tastes and sound of this jolly season to a few days in December but releasing them and setting them free inside you and around you daily. It can all start with your shower in the morning and you soak in the tub in the evening, let the bubbles and the fragrance you love make you and keep you happy… then share your Happy with all those you meet making every day feel just like Christmas. Have a blessed and successful 2015!